Name: Christopher Robertson, PhD, JD

Speciality: Professor of Law, Associate Dean for Research & Innovation, University of Arizona.

Location: Tucson, Arizona

In January of 2018, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos and Jamie Dimon announced the creation of a new, co-venture, to tackle the rising costs of healthcare for their company’s employees. They immediately picked famous writer and surgeon, Atul Gawande to lead it. Short on details but big on promise, just the simple announcement of this venture sent shock waves through the media and the markets. Billions of dollars in stock value for insurance companies and other health sector players vanished over night. 

Two years later, we have a name for this venture (Haven Health) but little else. What they’re up to, and what they’re planning, is still a big mystery. Whatever ultimately happens here, it will matter, simply because names like Amazon and Warren Buffet are behind it. The question is, how much will it matter for the rest of us? How much can anyone (even powerful billionaires) really change the American healthcare system? 

Today’s guest is Christopher Robertson, Associate Dean for Research and Innovation and Professor of Law at the University of Arizona. His background and research interests overlap many academic disciplines, including bioethics, health law, incentives, behavioral economics and more. His CV includes a PhD in philosophy and a law degree from Harvard. 

Unfortunately, Chris doesn’t have behind the scenes access to Haven Health (we know, we asked him). But, he does have a new book exploring some unique ideas and research that should certainly be on their radar, and yours. The book, “Exposed: Why Our Health Insurance is Incomplete and What can be Done About,” also includes a historical overview of our modern American health system, a history often forgotten and overlooked in todays political debates. This was great conversation and we really enjoyed having Christopher on. With that said, let’s get started…

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