peerspectrum- william gordon

Name: William J. Gordon, MD

Location: Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical College: Boston, MA.

Specialty: Clinical Informatics Fellow at Partners HealthCare, Hospitalist and Instructor in Medicine.

All right, welcome back. Imagine a world where patients can access their medical records anytime, anywhere with immutable security. Imagine every instance along a patient’s continuum of care recorded and easily searchable. Imagine the opportunity to meta search millions of health records and data points, and even outcomes, without compromising an individual patient’s personal identity. Imagine patients using these resources to evaluate and choose their hospitals, and even you.

Folks, this isn’t science fiction or wishful thinking. It’s a technology called block-chain and if you’ve heard of bitcoin, you’ve heard of block-chain.

Today we have Dr. William Gordon with us to unpack this technology and help us separate the hype from the real (and very exciting) promise. While in Medical School at Cornell, Will also had a side gig as a software developer. Will became involved with several technology start ups, including serving as director of clinical products at one after residency. Today Will is a clinical informatics fellow at Partners Healthcare while also serving as a hospitalist at Mass General, and clinical instructor with Harvard Medical College. His research and recent papers focus on block-chain and the unique promise it holds for medicine. Obviously, with his background, Will is uniquely qualified to help us explore this exciting new technology. With that said let’s get started…

Links & More:

About Dr. William Gordon:

“Blockchain distributed ledger technologies for biomedical and health care applications.”

MIT Technology Review:

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