Undiscovered Country: Research Funding 2.0 with Cindy Wu & Denny Luan, founders of Experiment.com

peerspectrum- experiment.com - Cindy Wu and Denny Luan

“This solution helps close the gap for potential and promising, but unfunded projects.”       – Bill Gates

Name: Cindy Wu & Denny Luan

Location: New York City

Specialty: Co-Founders of Experiment

How do you feel about funding scientific research, particularly medical research? How efficient, effective and fair is the grant system in deploying billions of taxpayer dollars? Are funds targeted towards diseases proportional to their occurrence in patient populations? Are the influences of disease specific non-profit groups helpful or hurtful? Are the interests and activities of biomedical companies aligned with the needs of you, and your patients?

Well, if you think there’s room for some serious improvement, today’s episode is for you.

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Pixar Meets Medicine. The power of Scientific Animations and what they can do for you: Conversation with Quintin Anderson.

quintin anderson- peerspectrum.jpg
Image courtesy of Quintin Anderson, The Seagull Company.

Name: Quintin Anderson

Location: Dallas, TX

Specialty: Scientific Animator and President of the Seagull Company


Today we’re happy to have Quintin Anderson with us. Quintin is a recognized expert in scientific and industrial animations. After completing not one, but two masters degrees at Harvard, Quintin began his career in animations, eventually starting his own company that he manages today.

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