Victory in medical sales requires Division I competitiveness, a palate for humble pie, a wizard’s touch for pulling POs out of thin air, a geeky curiosity about all things medical, the patience of a preschool teacher, luck, relationships and of course…the driving stamina of a long haul trucker!

Want to get a little more out of that windshield time and maybe even enjoy it? Here are some great podcasts for the road…


For reps in the OR

Ever wonder why scrubs are green, where instruments get their names or who performed the first laparoscopy? Get ready to geek it out and look like a knowledgeable stud with these great surgical podcasts:


Image result for behind the knife
Behind the Knife is a podcast with a “behind the scenes” look at the interesting, controversial and humanistic side of surgery and the giants in the field.




Image result for surgery podcast
The Legends of Surgery Podcast covers the stories, people and events of modern surgical history.




Image result for surgery 101
Each episode of the Surgery 101 Podcast covers the basic concepts of a single topic in 10-20 minutes.




Your Customer’s Perspective

As the wise old rep once said, “our doctors have forgotten more than you’ll ever learn.” That may be true but we can still try. Here are some podcasts by doctors for doctors. What’s their world really like, what keeps them up at night and what are they really thinking about? Explore and enjoy:



Image result for bedside rounds
Medical history, society, culture and great storytelling with the Bedside Rounds Podcast.


Image result for peerspectrum podcast
A NASA Astronaut, a Navy Seal, an Antarctic Explorer, an NFL surgeon, a Buddhist Priest. What do they all have in common? They’re all physicians and all guests on PeerSpectrum.


Image result for curbsiders itunes
The Curbsiders Podcast is funny and informative. Great for pharma reps who want to learn more about their customers, beyond what they like for lunch.


Image result for incident report podcast
Lot’s of fun for the drive with legendary rap artist and physician, ZDoggMD.



Image result for peter attia podcast
Dr. Peter Attia talks with some of the biggest names in medicine about longevity, performance, critical thinking and practical advice.




Medical Sales Focus

Unfortunately, there just aren’t many great podcasts (yet) about the nuts and bolts of medical sales. Here’s one worth adding to your playlist though. Great for new reps and those who want to step up their game.



Image result for medical sales guru
Industry veteran, Mace Horoff explores medical sales tips and techniques for the medical device, pharmaceutical, medical equipment and medical diagnostics industries on the Medical Sales Guru Podcast.


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