Treating Mother Teresa & Model-T Medicine: Cardiac Surgeon, Dr. Devi Shetty


Dr. Devi Shetty- PeerSpectrum Podcast


Name: Devi Prasad Shetty, MD

Location: Bangalore (Bengaluru), India

Specialty: Cardiac Surgeon. Chairman and Founder of Narayanna Health


Today’s guest is Dr. Devi Shetty, a cardiac surgeon, entrepreneur and one of the most famous physicians in India. What’s he famous for? Well, he performed the very first neonatal heart surgery in India, and actually served as Mother Teresa’s personal physician after operating on her following a heart attack. Obviously, we weren’t missing the opportunity to explore these unusual stories, but they are far from the main focus of our conversation. Dr. Shetty is best known for the unique and innovative health system he created. A system so revolutionary, the Wall Street Journal has nicknamed him the “Henry Ford of Medicine.”

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Survey This -The Patient Experience.

Show Notes:

Category: Mini episode

-Best time to seek your patients’ feedback

-Patient survey results are actually medical data.

-Everyone else is surveying your patients (practice, hospital, insurance companies, etc.) They’re your patients, why aren’t you?

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Your personal Brand, Difficult Partners and Hospital Dynamics

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Show Notes:

-I joined the wrong practice. What do I do now?

-Why is your personal brand everything.

-Focus on your brand, not others. Why talking about the competition only hurts you.

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