Guest Host: Robert Adams, MD

Specialty: Special Operations and Family Medicine

Location: Raleigh, NC

Guest: Sean Mulvaney, MD

Specialty: Special Operations, Sports & Pain Medicine

Location: Annapolis, MD

Today we are thrilled to embark on a new adventure here on PeerSpectrum. The first episode of our new guest host series. We’re inviting back some of our most popular past guests and handing over the microphone. As Keith and I have learned over the past few years, there is an art and craft to interviewing. Playing on the field has given us both a deeper appreciation and admiration for the true masters of the game. Masters such as the late Larry King (who passed away just last month) and his very close friend, and our most recent guest, Cal Fussman. As we discussed last time, one of my all-time favorite podcast interviews was Cal Fussman interviewing Larry King, on Tim Ferriss’s podcast. It was a rare opportunity to listen in as two masters discussed their game. These types of conversations are likely more common than we think. It’s just not as common to hear them.

Today we are happy to have our good friend and past guest, Dr. Robert Adams back with us. As you may recall, Bob is a former US Navy SEAL and command surgeon for the army’s elite Delta Force. A recently retired family physician in the UNC health system, Bob is also the author of two books, “Six Days of Impossible,” and “Swords and Saints: A Doctor’s Journey.” 

Today Bob is joined by his good friend and former colleague, Dr. Sean Mulvaney. Sean is also a former US Navy SEAL turned army physician. Their conversation will take us all around the world from the battle fields of Iraq and Afghanistan, to a surprise birthday party for Colin Powell aboard a US Navy warship.   

More importantly, Bob and Sean will spend some time discussing PTSD, what we currently know about it and how it is and will be treated. They also discuss a new and very promising PTSD treatment called Stellate Ganglion Block. Sean has treated hundreds of veterans, trauma survivors and others suffering the effects of PTSD. This includes Medal of Honor recipients Dakota Myer, whose treatment by Sean was dramatically featured in a recent 60 Minutes report.

Let us know what you think of this new format. Who would you like to hear as a future guest host? We love hearing your ideas so keep them coming. With that said, let’s get started…

Links and Resources:

Dr. Sean Mulvaney Practice:

Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB):

60 Minutes:

Dr. Robert Adams:

Dr. Robert Adams New Book:

PTSD Stats:

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