robert adams- navy seal- peerspectrum

[He told me] there’s going to be a bomb placed in your conference site,”… “I am alive today because a good doctor decided to turn in his brother, the bad doctor.”

-Robert Adams, MD

Name: Robert Adams, MD, MBA

Location: Raleigh-Durham, NC. UNC Health System

Specialty: Primary Care/ Family Medicine.

All right, welcome back for round two with former Navy SEAL, Dr. Robert Adams. If you missed part one, go back and check it out. In Part II we move forward to Bob’s career as an army physician. We’re going to learn what it’s like being a physician attached to the Army’s elite counter terrorism and hostage rescue unit, known as Delta Force. A unit so secretive that even family members of Delta operators are treated by separate physicians.

Next we’ll move to post-invasion Iraq and Bob’s early efforts to train and equip Iraqi physicians who, because of Saddam Hussein’s onerous travel restrictions, were practicing medicine in a virtual time capsule, unchanged over the previous twenty five years. We’ll discover a close call that nearly ended the lives of 700 Iraqi physicians, in a terrorist plot uncovered just in the nick of time. It’s an incredible conversation for part II of our series. With that said, let’s get started….

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Journal of Special Operations Medicine:

The National Navy SEAL Museum:

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