Evidence Based Medicine Strikes Back! CNN Producer, Dr. Alok Patel on Medicine in Modern Media

Alok Patel

Name: Alok Patel, MD

Location: Columbia University Medical Center, New York City

Specialty: Pediatrician, Associate Professor, Journalist and Startup Advisor.


How many of you feel like your patients consider you the 2nd opinion after first consulting Dr. Google? How much of your time is spent fighting through a jungle of pseudo science and misinformation just to reach your patients? Why is it so hard to earn their trust?

With all the talk today of fake news, the erosion of journalism and the shallow miasma of modern media things look pretty grim. But this is Peerspectrum. Lamenting over the state of affairs is not what we do here. Despite the circumstances, there are some out there (particularly physicians) engaging these problems head on. Today’s guest is one of them.

Dr. Alok Patel is a Pediatrician and associate professor at Columbia University, in New York City. He’s also rising voice among physicians using modern media to defend and advance medicine.

Alok is a regular contributor to Medscape, and he has recurring segment on ABC News. While he rubs shoulders with people like Katie Couric and Whoopi Goldberg, he’s not afraid to get his hand dirty, even dodging attacks and personally fighting it out on social media.

This is great episode here folks and one of real importance today. Let’s get started…

Show notes:

-Patients with “alternative views towards modern medical care”

-“Where is the information coming from that’s resonating with them?”

-Getting a call from Dan Childs, Managing Editor of the ABC News Medical Unit. How did Alok get started in media?

-5 week internship with ABC news in residency.

-Finding the intersection between entertainment and public health.

-Writing as tool to get your name out there and clarify your thinking.

-How do physicians break through all the noise, and unqualified medical advice, to reach an audience?

-“Not every public health fight is going to won solely by evidence based logic.”

-Patients don’t care about physician burnout.

-Don’t fall in the trap of the echo chamber.

-What it’s like to be attacked on social media.

-Why should you consider social media as a tool in your practice?

-Using Twitter as lens into people’s minds

-Moving your patients’ where you want them starts with knowing where they are.

-Is the media today driving important issues or being driven by trends?

-Playing poker with Whoopi Goldberg.

-Using social media to grow your practice

-What is a tweet chat? Using social media as a professional collaboration tool.

-Twitter is not for medical advice!

-Talking about politics.

-Alok’s work with medical start-up, Medumo







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