Medicine is a career that can take you anywhere. How do consider an incredible job offer in less than incredible place? What are the most important variables to you and your family? What if you’re already there and you feel stuck? Every city and town in America needs doctors. Not every city or town has incredible restaurants, a great nightlife, great schools, a symphony orchestra, or an NFL team. We don’t all live close to the beach or mountains.

Our guest today is author, Melody Warnick. In her book, “This Is Where You Belong: The art and science of loving the place you live,” Melody explores why we Americans move so much and the effect that has on our careers, happiness and even health. She should know because she’s relocated six times in the last fifteen years.

We’re going to explore her research and data that can help you make better decisions. Most importantly, we’re going to explore her strategies for making a place your home even if you don’t really like it. We covered a lot during this episode so check out show notes after you listen. It was a great episode and we really enjoyed talking with Melody. With that said, let’s get started…

Show Notes:

-Moving 6 times in the last 15 years.

-She’s crisscrossed the nation, living in or visiting nearly every state.

-What is the Geographic Cure?

-Average American moves 11.7 times in our lifetime. 12% of us move every year.

-How our culture of success demands mobility.

-What is “Place Attachment?” Why this is so important to our health and well-being.

-Strategy for creating place attachment, even in a place you don’t like.

-Place attachment usually takes 3-4 years. Tips and tricks to speed it up.

-Why did Melody write her book? How she felt stuck and unhappy in her last move.

-Are you considering a job offer(s)? How to make the most out of your visit. Where to go, who to talk to? How libraries can be a good indicator.

-What is a place consultant? Hint, it’s not Melody but someone you may still want to seek out.

-What are the three main factors (according to Gallop) that determine whether people like the place they live? It may not be what you think!

-What matters to you? A systematic approach.

-But my town sucks! What can I do?

-Is it really always about the place or is it more about you?

-New move, new place. Dealing with loneliness, regret and stress. It’s hardest at first.

-Find your tribe as fast as you can.

-Be cautious with social media. How Facebook can delay your efforts.

-”I’m too busy to get involved in the community right now.” Melody’s advice to you.

-Having a “3rd place.” Think Cheers.

-How walking can give you a, “sense of mastery over where you live.” Why driving around isn’t enough.

-What is Place Making? If you don’t like the place you live, change it.

-How physicians are best positioned to be place makers.

-Could a small town get you back to the fundamentals of medicine?

-This is only temporary. Why should I waste time getting involved with the community?

-My spouse and/or family hates this place! What should I do?


Tools and resources: (search by city or community name) (search by city or community name) (search by city or community name)

Gallop Poll: Social Offerings, Openness Key to Community Attachment

Why doctors choose small towns: a developmental model of rural physician recruitment and retention.

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