White House Physician, Jeffrey Kuhlman, MD and Co-Author, Daniel Peach, DO on “Transformative Healthcare”

Name: Jeffrey Kuhlman, MD, MPH

Specialty: Former White House Physician. Currently Senior Vice President and Chief Quality and Safety Officer for AdventHealth.

Location: Orlando, FL

Name: Daniel Peach, DO

Specialty: Sports Medicine. Currently Director of Clinical Transformation at AdventHealth.

Location: Orlando, FL

When it comes to VIP medical care, there is one patient who stands above all others. From what is publicly known he is assigned a team of doctors, nurses, medics and PA’s on standby around the clock. He and this team travel with an armored ambulance, a supply of matched blood, and a full array of medical and diagnostic equipment. His aircraft also has state of the art medical equipment with a surgical suite. Before he arrives anywhere, an advance team has carefully planned emergency routes to pre-screened medical facilities. If those facilities prove inadequate, resources can be brought in, including in one case, an entire Naval hospital ship anchored off the coast.

If he needs hospital care, surgery or other treatments, his local hometown hospital (which happens to be US Military’s flagship medical center) has a private suite, on standby for his exclusive use. This care is 100% covered by his employer without any deductibles, co-pays, or network restrictions.

Today’s guest knew two of these VIP patients very well. Dr. Jeffrey Kuhlman spent 16 of his 30 years of military services as a White House Physician. This included a tour as Chief of the White House Medical Unit. This means he was the personal physician to President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. He currently serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Quality and Safety Officer for AdventHealth.

Jeffery is joined today by his colleague and co-author, Dr. Daniel Peach. Daniel, a registered sports medicine physician in the UK, currently serves as Executive Director of Clinical Innovation for AdventHealth. Their new book, “Transformative Healthcare,” and their unique career paths are the subjects for today’s episode.

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