45 Minutes Per Patient, 24/7 Call, and Loving Every Minute: The Direct Primary Care model with Dr. Staci Benson.

staci benson- peerspectrum

Name: Anastasia (Staci) Benson, DO

Location: Paradigm Family Health: Dallas, TX

Specialty: Family Physician (Direct Primary Care)

Imagine yourself as a patient, free to schedule visits any time you wish. During those visits, you can expect to spend an average of 45 minutes, face to face with your doctor. You can also call your doctor anytime, even on nights and weekends.

Now imagine yourself as that doctor. Today, the average family physician sees 25-30 patients a day, averaging only seven minutes with each. It’s no surprise that many GPs today report feeling overworked, underpaid and even burned out. But not you. You enjoy an average of 45 minutes with each of your patients. You see, at most, five or six patients per day. Your patients can call you anytime, but surprising they rarely do. You love your job and your lifestyle. You know your patients and they know you. Your practice model enables huge health-care cost savings but your income still matches or exceeds that of your traditional family practice colleagues.

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