Accelerating Bench to Bedside. Stanford University School of Medicine Dean, Dr. Lloyd Minor.

Name: Lloyd B. Minor, MD

Location: Stanford University, Stanford, California

Specialty: Otolaryngology–head and neck surgery. Dean of the Stanford University School of Medicine

All right, welcome back. Today we have Dr. Lloyd Minor with us on the show. He’s an ENT surgeon, scientist, innovator and currently dean of the Stanford University School of Medicine. We covered his early career path, a surgical treatment he actually developed and his new book, “Discovering Precision Health,” released just this month in March, 2020.

As the leader of one of the nation’s top medical schools, located right in the heart of Silicon Valley, Dr. Minor has a unique lens on medicine’s innovation pipeline. His new book and our conversation offer a glimpse into this world. With that said, let’s get started…