Medical Space Design and Commercial Real Estate. Interview with Rachel Koster.


Rachel Koster earned her Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture from Kansas State University. She is an expert in what’s called 3-D visualization technology. She is also an expert in commercial real estate , particularly health care space design and development. We picked her brain and covered everything from how medical space design affects a patient mood to how it affects work flow and staff morale. How can elements such as colors, hallway width and lighting make a huge impact on your practice?

We covered leasing, negotiations and location selection. Have you considered getting into the commercial real estate arena? It’s a tricky business and you’re going to want to hear what Rachel has to say. We really covered a lot of ground and this is definitely an episode you don’t want to miss. So let’s get started…

Show Notes:

-What is Internal Architecture? How does space affect your mood?

-3D Visualization Software.

-2nd Generation Spaces vs. New construction.

-Knowing what your goals are. How many exam rooms will you need? How much administration space do you need? Meeting room?

-Opening a new office? Who do you need to speak with first? What are the steps to making a successful transition.

-The elements of Internal Architecture. The reception desk. Open spaces. Hallway widths. Work flow. Colors

-How do you use the medical office to reflect the personality of the medical provider?

-The importance of collaboration between the design team, the provider and the medical team.

-Where to go to get ideas and stratifies for your office design.

-Existing Office: What can you do in a day or weekend to transform your medical practice space? What are some quick fixes?

-Traffic choke points. Focusing on patient flow and efficiency. Making sure your patients don’t get “lost in a maze” on the way out!

-Measuring your patients’ experience. The importance of first impressions.

-Each area can be a different experience. The waiting area is a different experience than the exam room.

-Location, Location, Location! Retail vs. Medical office park. Parking, highway proximity and ease of access.

-Commercial real estate.

-You need help. How to qualify and assess a real estate professional.

-Negotiating a lease. Remember, all leases are written for the landlord, not you.

-What to look for and what to avoid in a lease agreement. Exclusivity clauses.

-Thinking about getting into the commercial real estate business? Should you lease or purchase office space? Assessment fees. Your legal rights. Flood plains.

-Dealing with practice partners as it relates to real estate.

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