Performance and Communication: Interview with Todd Thomas


Todd Thomas has hosted several national music and sports radio programs and he has appeared in over 100 radio stations nationwide including ABC Radio, Citadel, Cumulus Media and Fox Sports Radio.

Todd is also an expert batting and sports performance coach. He has worked with hundreds of athletes of all ages, many of whom have gone on to very successful careers in Major League Baseball. What does this have to do with medicine, you might ask? Well, quite a bit, it turns out. Athletes and medical professionals are a competitive bunch. Both work under enormous pressures where small details really matter. Learning from failures and overcoming set backs is a daily requirement in both sports and medicine.

The tools, experiences and nuanced insights Todd has used to help high performing athletes are all part of a tool bag we can carry too. We’ve talked so many time on this show about the critical importance of communication. Todd brings a wealth of experience in this area that we are privileged to tap into.

Todd is also an author, award winning speaker and a professional business consultant. He’s a guy with tremendous drive and passion for helping others. We sure enjoyed our conversation with him and we hope you will too.

Show Notes:

-Nothing wrong with fear. Use it as a tool.

-The Imposter Syndrome

-How to deal with a team slump. How your confidence (or lack of) can be contagious to your staff and team.

-Todd’s family pediatrician. What Todd observed from the patient/parent side.

-“Be your guy.” Before there were batting coaches, there were mentors. The importance of finding someone to be a guide for you.

-Todd’s story of helping a medical provider with confidence and communication.

Awareness, openness and focus. The importance of self awareness.

-Todd’s daily habits and routines for consistency and high performance.

-What’s in Todd’s wallet?

Click Here: todd-thomas-wallet-card

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