Survey This -The Patient Experience.

Show Notes:

Category: Mini episode

-Best time to seek your patients’ feedback

-Patient survey results are actually medical data.

-Everyone else is surveying your patients (practice, hospital, insurance companies, etc.) They’re your patients, why aren’t you?

-Survey your own patients. When you leave it to others, you leave your data to them too.

-The power of three. Why you should start your survey with only three questions.

-Using number codes to turn subjective feedback into comparative metrics.

-How often should you compile and examine survey results data?

-How your patient survey data can give you leverage when negotiating with your partners, your practice or your hospital.

-How do you know your patients are improving? Patient responses are medical outcomes.

-How creating surveys and working with data can help clarify your own decision making.

-How to start your own survey experiment.

-Keep it simple and clinically focused.

-Come up with your three questions and share them with us.

-Surveys are more than a measuring tool. How surveys can be an enhancement tool for your teams’ morale and performance.

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