Your Team in the Clinic and Hospital

Show Notes:

-Your team and how patients evaluate you.

-Keeping your team in sync. How to avoid sending conflicting messages to the same patient.

-Dealing with today’s limited resources.

-The critical pre-flight briefing with your staff. How a daily morning meeting gets everyone off to the right start.

-The risk of having a staff member who is out of sync with you.

-Patients judge you and your staff together. Under performing or even rude staff can undermine your ability to provide medical care.

-I’m so busy. How can I find time to monitor my staff?

-Your staff members are the gateway to health care. Make sure they know how important they are to the mission.

-Using surveys and direct staff feedback to evaluate and improve performance.

-Referring physicians. They are also part of your team and critically important to your practice.

-How to deal with difficult colleagues or partners.

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