Your personal Brand, Difficult Partners and Hospital Dynamics

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Show Notes:

-I joined the wrong practice. What do I do now?

-Why is your personal brand everything.

-Focus on your brand, not others. Why talking about the competition only hurts you.

-Start here: You work for the patient, not the other way around.

-What you can learn from Coke and Pepsi.

-How to win against your competitors.

-How to deal with providers (competitors) who criticize you.

-Your patient is considering a second opinion different from yours. What do you do?

-If you can’t beat them join them. Get involved with hospital administration.

-This place sucks! How to deal with hospital staff who are venting about their problems. Hint: Don’t just ignore them.

-”You do this case so much faster than Dr. *****” When the hospital staff is complaining about your competitors. Tempting way to get the dirt on your competitors but a risky way to do so.

-The art of business communication. Learn it!

-Dirty jokes and the uncensored OR! Beware!

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